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Local SEO Stategies

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is different from traditional SEO.  For those of you who don’t know what SEO is it stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s the strategy of optimising signals both on and off a website to influence how the site shows up in search results.

When most people talk about SEO, they mean traditional SEO, plain Jane optimisation that targets the standard algorithm.  But there’s more than one algorithm.  At Local SEO Strategies, we focus on the Local Algorithm to ensure your business dominates local search and is easily found by ready-to-buy customers who are looking for the service or product you offer.

When does Google use the Local Algorithm?

When a searcher enters a search query, e.g. ‘best electrician near me’, Google tries to assess the INTENT of the search query and chooses the right algorithm to return the search result.

Local SEO Algorithm

Google uses its LOCAL ALGORITHM whenever a search has LOCAL INTENT. In other words, if Google has determined that the searcher needs to see search results from a particular geographic area, it will use the local algorithm.  Google has access to ridiculous amounts of data about the search queries it receives and it’s figured out that for certain business types, even when the user doesn’t include certain geographic modifiers in a search query, something like a city, a neighbourhood or a phrase like ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’ that searcher still needs search results in the local area. 

Here's an illustration:

Let’s use ‘electrician’ to illustrate this concept.  If you do a Google search for ‘electrician’ from your office, you’ll get a list of all the electricians right by your office.  If you try the same search from home, again with only the word ‘electrician’, you get completely different search results.  You type the exact same query, but you’ve got 2 completely different search results. 



That’s Google’s LOCAL ALGORITHM in action.  Google knows you need an electrician from somewhere near your current real-world location, so it uses the local algorithm to return LOCAL SEARCH RESULTS.

So, how do you know if you need local SEO?

The simplest way to see if Google is using the local algorithm for your business, is to do a few quick searches.  Use one of your most important  keywords and type it into the Google search box.  If you see a Map-Pack with 3 results, that’s proof that Google has assessed local intent to that search.  If your business does not feature in the 3-Pack, it may be a good idea to employ Local SEO tactics to improve your online visibility and attract more clients.

Local 3-Pack

Basically, you need local intent if your business does face-to-face business with customers in a brick-and-mortar location or serves customers in a particular geographic area, like a plumber or an electrician.

Does Google Only Use Local SEO in the Map-Pack?

No, local SEO isn’t only about the Map-Pack.  The local algorithm serves local search results in several locations.  If you click ‘more businesses” at the bottom of the Map-Pack, you’ll be taken to the local finder page, which goes beyond just the top three results. 

 Search results in Google Maps are also powered by the local algorithm. 

Google Maps

The organic results which appear below the map-pack are also localised and powered by the local algorithm.  The radius for local search results varies greatly between different verticals and even different cities.

How to Attract Ready-To-Buy Customers

customers are searching online for local businessES -

When it comes down to the wire, there’s no better way for customers to find you than Local Search. When someone searches for a product or service and your local business doesn’t rank high in Google search, you have little chance of being found by customers who are ready to buy the products or services that you offer — which means they’re never going to walk into your store or contact you about your service!

Many people, nowadays are looking for what is near them and searching on Google. This makes it important to be found in a search engine like Google as the best return on investment you can get with SEO!

A strong online presence is an investment that cannot be overlooked — it’s the key to capturing the attention of a lot of potential clients.

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How to Dominate Local Search - Video

3 Step Local SEO Strategy
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Local 3-Pack - Prime Google Real Estate

Google 3 Pack

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Local SEO Strategies - 3 Steps To Dominate Local Search

Aim For first page local search visibility

As the number of people who search online for businesses increases, so does the importance. This is why you should always strive to be on page one of Google's local results when someone searches locally near your business or in a specific city that you reside. If not, it can make finding and being found by customers difficult!

Develop and maintain a positive online reputation

Developing and maintaining a positive online business reputation is essential for small businesses to succeed. They are oftentimes the first point of contact with new customers, as well as an excellent way to establish trustworthiness in your products or services.

Consolidate your strategy with a well optimised local SEO website

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It's not just about the work that goes into managing a business, it's also about maintaining your online reputation and making sure you are trustworthy to new customers. Developing a positive internet presence will help establish trust in what you're selling!

this is how we do it!

At Local SEO Strategies, we focus on the 3 most important ranking factors to ensure your business dominates local search.

Google My Business Icon

Google Business Profile

Experts agree that the most crucial local SEO ranking factor is a properly optimised Google Business Profile and that the Local 3 Pack is Prime Google Real Estate. Here’s why!

Reputation and Social media

Reputation & Social Media​​

Online reviews are the second most important ranking factor for local search. More and more users are using online reviews to discover and evaluate business.

Local SEO Website

Local SEO Website

People are no longer using Google the way they used to. Customers merely don’t browse websites anymore – most comparison is done on Google’s search results page.

Stay ahead of your competitors

The Importance and Impact of Local SEO for local business

Local SEO is a Digital Marketing strategy to promote your brick-and-mortar business to people searching online for the product or service you provide. 

At Local SEO Strategies we achieve this by optimising a combination of ranking factors that search engines consider important in increasing the online visibility of a local business. 

These statistics indicate the importance of having a Local SEO Strategy for your business:

A Strong Online Presence Is No Longer An Option For Local Business – It Is Essential!

Predictions for 2023 include the noisy digital world becoming noisier as many local businesses scramble to enhance their online presence and reputation.

However, whilst the majority of local businesses know that they need a strong online presence, and some have half-heartedly done something about it, many businesses have put this vital marketing activity on the back burner.

If you want your business to not only survive but thrive in these challenging times, you simply cannot afford to ignore implementing a Local SEO Strategy.  And the time to start is right away!

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